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07 Feb 2024

Prayer Newsletter February 2024
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We have now enjoyed 78.5 years of peace in Western Europe and the USA since the end of World War 2.

Five generations in the once-Christian West have grown up not knowing war at their door.  For them, peace is the opportunity for self-identity and self-expression, without understanding how that affects their relationship with God and society.  The age of duty and discipline has been replaced by the right to redefine everything and rebel.  The assumption is that all the protective structures of society will stay in place while the new-enlightenment sweeps away everything we do not like so that we can enjoy ourselves in the way we choose.  The essential gospel truths which provided the Christian moral compass, even to unbelievers, are now cancelled by society.   That is a dangerous unreality.  The wars of the past were won at great cost, but the ‘price of peace is eternal vigilance’.  That was said by the British politician Leonard Courtney but ignored by most of his contemporaries, even as World War 1 loomed.     
As international violent posturing increases to an unprecedented level in almost 80 years, the principles also apply to the spiritual battles around and within us all.

Squandering peace on self instead of spending it on service was Israel’s mistake in the time of the Judges.  It is also Paul’s spiritual warning note to Timothy, “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather round them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.” 2 Timothy 4:3-5 (NIVUK)    The church’s call to fight against the world, the flesh and the devil has become much less strident, as self-indulgence trumps holiness in the ecclesiastical agenda.  Hell is a rare sermon topic, repentance is a rare pulpit call and spiritual disciplines are reduced to a chocolate-free Lent.  Valuable as they may be, human rights and the ecochallenge are easy substitutes for saying ” ... ‘No’ to ungodliness and worldly passions and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age while we wait for … the glorious appearing of … Jesus Christ ...” (Titus 2:12-15).    
The five generations, Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z and the new Alphas, who are unprepared to recognise and fight the inner spiritual battles, will not be able to believe the external, international physical threat until it arrives at their door.

However, in these darkening days, there is still a gospel of eternal hope.  And it is still being courageously carried into the darkness by people who refuse to put their light under a bushel.  It is a privilege for BeaconLight to help these gospel-motivated Christians to speak the truth and shine with the light of Christ … urging believers to stay close to Jesus, live holy lives and share the truth, so that the blind may see and repent. 

That is the gospel of peace – won at great cost to Jesus and joyfully proclaimed by Biblically vigilant believers.  Thank you for standing with us in the light and supporting many BeaconLighters all over the world.     FEW Conference 2024   The Fellowship of Evangelistic Workers (FEW) is a network of Christians whose main calling and ministry is evangelism – led by evangelist Roger Carswell (who is one of the BeaconLight Council members) and others.  The FEW meet each year for Bible teaching, practical encouragement and fellowship. 

Evangelism is often a hard and lonely work.  Even though evangelists are among many people in homeless hostels, giving out tracts on the street or at big events, meeting with refugees or at a book table in a market, most of the effective ministry is one to one.  Knowing that others are doing the same work and experiencing similar challenges is a huge encouragement.

Rico Tice gave three excellent Bible readings at this year’s conference. Clare Heath-White gave a brilliant analysis of the marriages of John Wesley and D.L. Moody with contemporary lessons to be learned.  Roger Carswell unpacked the ‘Heart of the Evangelist’ from Ezekiel 9 – wonderfully inspiring stuff!   You are welcome to listen in – click here!   
BeaconLight is privileged to be able to offer our resources free of charge to these courageous, long-suffering and hard-working people.  CrossCheck offers a new approach to 1-2-1 evangelism.  Truth Unlocked is available to disciple small groups of new believers, and Inner Struggles is used to build bridges to people whose lives are so messed up they do not know where to start.

Please pray for the FEW (over 130 gathered this year) and tap into the YouTube resource ‘REAL LIVES’, a series of interview testimonies with Roger Carswell.  

Post covid, requests for BeaconLight books are increasing again.  Most Chaplains are responding to our information leaflets, personal emails and phone calls by John Phillips and Sue Cox.  But the Chaplains are not in their offices for most of the day and so it may take more than three calls to get through to them. 

These ministers are under significant pressure, but really appeciate our proactive contact with them and our prayer which maintains our relationship with the Chaplaincy teams.  This personal ministry to the Chaplains is as essential as our book resources; it takes a lot of time and effort but is the real essence of relational ministry.    
Please click here to use the ‘Praying for Prisons’ on the Beaconlight website to join us in praying for this ministry.

Following the recent launch of Inner Hope, many Prison Chaplains took time to express their appreciation of BeaconLight’s ministry.

Here is a selection of the Chaplain’s comments …  
Great to hear from you and always with such generosity!  Thank you, we will have what you can send … the men are great readers at the moment!  The books have arrived in Chapel this morning … wonderful and thank you.
Chaplain (West Midlands)

Just a quick note to say we have got the books ok and will be giving them out in the next few days and weeks.  These really do make a massive difference and are a big help to us.”
CofE Chaplain (North East)

Thanks for the e-mail and offer of books. If possible, we would like 30 copies of Inner Hope. These will be placed in our Chapel library … many thanks for the books they are a blessing to the men.”
Chaplain (South)
Thank you very much for the generous offer. Yes, we would like to have copies of Inner Hope and also testimony booklets.  Very much appreciated.  God bless.”
RC Chaplain (London)

We have received our recent request of books and are looking forward to sharing them with the young men in our custody.  Praying that your Christmas is restful, peaceful and full of joy.  Blessings.”
Chaplain (West Midlands)

Thank you so much, we have received the books and they are available to the men.”
Chaplain (Wales)  
Yes, we would be very grateful to receive copies of the new Inner Hope publication and the Gram Seed testimony booklets.  Many thanks.”
CofE Chaplain (East Anglia)
Thank you for your generous support of prison Chaplaincy and the men in our care.  I would love to have some copies of your new book, Inner Hope, and also some copies of the book about Christmas by Gram Seed.  Thanks.”
Managing Chaplain (South East)

Thanks so much – the books are lovely!  They’ll be a great addition to our library of resources and I already know of quite a few of our men who will appreciate them very much.  Blessings.”
Chaplain (Scotland)
We are running low on most of the material you usually send us if you would like to send a selection.  I am also interested in ordering copies of the new book ‘Inner Hope’ if it is possible to have 30 copies.  We do get through a lot of material here.  Many thanks for getting in touch and arranging the despatch of our order.  I am sure the residents here will get something from reading Inner Hope – no doubt we the chaplains will too.  We will await confirmation of delivery and thank you for all BeaconLight do to support chaplaincy teams and those in prison.”
CofE Chaplain (London)

Thank you for your time, support for our men here and wonderful resources.  May you and your team enjoy the peace and joy of Christmas.  Much love, prayer and always hope.”
RC Chaplain (East Anglia)

This looks really good and is something I could also use as a basis for a Bible study or worship group.  Would it be possible please to send me 50 copies initially?  Thank you, your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated and may I thank you on behalf of the men who will certainly benefit from your kindness.”
RC Chaplain (Midlands)
The new books of Inner Hope look amazing!  Are they free to us?  If so can we have 50 copies please if you can spare them?  Also we would like the other booklets offered in the email below x 50 of each if possible.  Also can we have 60 forgiveness books and 50 Can I Forgive Myself books, 40 Prayers From Inside and any other books you can spare, 40 of each?  Thank you.  Bless your ministry.”
Free Church Chaplain (London)
I will shortly be leaving the Prison Service to work as a chaplain for a Christian homeless charity in London.  John Phillips has kindly said that you will resource us there too, so I look forward to continuing to partner with BeaconLight in my new post. Thanks very much for all your help in providing books to us here, as well as at my previous prison.  I know the books are valued greatly by the prisoners and are an invaluable resource to chaplains, for which I’m most appreciative.”
CofE Chaplain (South Central)

We’d be glad to receive 50 of the new book and can assess further demand from there.  The timing of your reminder is fortuitous as we appear to have given away the last copy of Barry’s book, and received a request for one only today!  Please could we have 15 copies of each of Barry’s and Gram’s books?  Thank you for all you continue to do to support our prisoners.  Every good wish.”
Chaplain (South West)
The new BeaconLight books have been delivered, thank you for helping those who are behind bars.  I wish you a meaningful Christmas.”
Chaplain (Scotland)

Your new book (the one with the hymns and related biblical content) sounds very interesting.  If you could spare 70 (or however many if that’s asking too much) that would be amazing.  Many thanks.”
Free Church Chaplain (West Midlands)

We would be blessed and pleased to receive some copies of the Inner Hope book.  Please send a quantity that is convenient for you in regards to your packaging and delivery.  We will be happy to distribute these as appropriate across the prison.  Thank you for your ministry and the resources that you kindly donate to the prisons and especially to us up here.”
Chaplain (North East)     Thank you very much for your support!
We really do need your interest, prayers and contributions to the ministry.
If you would like more information or want to share a comment
or reflection from your prayers
please write to Paul Adams at [email protected]
If you would like to contribute financially please click here  

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