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09 Feb 2024

Please read through for opportunities to develop yourself or members of your branches

Dear Colleague,

The National Centre for Police Leadership (NCPL), College of Policing , are pleased to announce a series of FREE CPD events both virtually (Webinar) and Face to Face at College of Policing, Ryton.


  1. Future Superintendents Programme, Leading with Professional Presence
  2. CPD webinar- How do we change behaviour in Policing (PC-Insp, police staff and volunteer equivalent)
  3. ***Booking Coming Soon*** Maximising Potential Conference (PC-Inspector, self-identifying from underrepresented/ marginalised groups) at College of Policing, Ryton.
  4. Coaching and Mentoring platform– PushFar
  5. CPD resources on Leadership Learning


  1. NCPL Future Supers CPD webinar- Leading with Professional Presence (attached PDF for more information)

              13 March, 2-3.30pm

Eligible: Chief Inspectors and Inspectors on fast track from underrepresented groups aspiring to be Superintendents.

Speakers: Matt Jenkins, Dream and Leap. For 20+ years he has led, and orchestrated change having worked with some of the biggest brands in the public, private and third sectors   and in a vast spread of countries across the globe including Europe, Scandinavia, North America, and the Asia Pacific region.

Matt is a highly creative, hugely passionate business mentor and coach. He works with a range of police forces across the UK today in everything from strategy setting to culture enhancement and from leadership development to improving and challenging police forces on the subject of diversity and inclusion.

Content: A high-level introduction to self-belief and the projection of confidence when climbing the career ladder. A visually impactful and practical introduction on the importance of an impactful personal brand and how to develop one that can better enable underrepresented groups in their promotion efforts. The session includes the below. Please see attachment for more information.

  • Introduction to professional presence – what it is, why it’s an important (especially to underrepresented groups) and how its assessed by those you interact with
  • What professional presence looks like in action and the common reasons people lack it
  • Building a personal brand centred around the super skills you possess while having authority over the things you are less strong in

To register for this CPD webinar please click on the following LINK.

  1. NCPL CPD webinar- How do we change behaviour in policing?

18 March, 2-3pm

Eligible: Anyone in policing, specifically aimed at PC- Inspector, police staff and volunteer equivalent. This session is designed to give insight into understanding cultural change and the strategic work we are looking to achieve across policing. A fantastic for individuals looking to develop their understanding of bigger picture and strategic awareness.

Speakers: Esther Flanagan, Behaviour Change lead at College of Policing and Julie Wire,Evidence and Evaluation Advisor at College of Policing

Content: This webinar will provide an introduction to behavioural science and explore how it can help to better understand and target behavioural problems faced by policing. A culture change example will be presented to demonstrate how the application of behavioural science has led to a suite of interventions being recommended for reducing inappropriate behaviour in police contexts.  

To register for this CPD webinar please click on the following LINK.

  1. ***Booking Coming Soon*** NCPL Maximising Potential- 9 May 2024, 9am-4.30pm  (with optional event the night before)

This will be the third Maximising Conference since it was launched February 2023 and is aimed at PC-Inspector, police staff and volunteer equivalent from underrepresented and marginalised groups.

There will be an optional informal event the night before on Wednesday 8th May, and individuals living further away are encouraged to book overnight accommodation at the College, funded by their police force.

The morning session (on the day) will be with BAFTA short film winner 2022 Gamal “G” Turawa.

Further details of the conference are TBC at this stage but please keep an eye out as it will be advertised very soon!

  1. PushFar Pilot- Coaching and Mentoring Platform

We now have NPCC sign off on the Coaching and Mentoring platform, PushFar, which allows up to load up to 11 police forces onto the system. The longer term plan is to get Police Digital Services (PDS) sign off so this becomes a national product, however this could take some time due to policy changes and a surge in applications to PDS at this time. We currently have a few spaces for police forces to join the extended pilot.

If this is something your force might be interested in, please contact [email protected].

  1. NCPL CPD available for everyone on the Leadership Learning platform:

There are many resources, including pre-recorded webinars and FLL/MLL resources available on the Leadership learning platform- Leadership Learning ( To access these resources, you will need to create a FREE account with your police email (if you don’t already have one). Once set up, the Leadership learning platform can also then be accessed on personal devices and downloaded to be watched offline at your convenience.

  1. First Line Leaders (FLL) Resources Course: First line (stage 2) toolkit (

Content: E-learning modules created under module 5 of the FLL. These can be used independently as CPD or to assist with the new FLL modules.

To access the modules on Partnership Working:

  1. Leading change and Inspiring your team to do great things- Roger Flynn

Content: Roger has worked directly for leaders such as Sir Richard Branson at Virgin and Greg Dyke at the BBC, and has led businesses with thousands of staff. He will speak on his experiences of leading teams through times of change, how culture and the way things have always been done can hold an organisation back.

The recording of this webinar is only available until 7 December 2024.

Webinars and Workshops: Leading change and inspiring your team to do great things | 7th Dec 2023 (

All NCPL CPD events can also be found on the Leadership Learning Calendar- LINK. Please note you will need to sign up for FREE with your police email address.

Kind Regards

National Centre for Police Leadership
E: [email protected]

College of Policing


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