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28 Apr 2023

Welcome! I am excited to bring you this new aspect of CPA

In the Last Week:

1. We managed to secure a one day input from Global Leadership Summit at this year’s Leader’s Conference. This will involve all delegates being given cutting edge leadership training plus a one season membership to exclusive GLN content. Please save the dates 20th to 22nd November 2023.

2. I reviewed all of the Right Now Media Licences and reissued 60 invitations to Branch Leadership personal email addresses. If you haven’t already activated yours, please check your email and register. More on separate RNM Blog.

3. May’s On and Off Duty. I think this is a particularly powerful one for sharing with others. When it arrives on Monday morning, please make every effort to share on your intranets, internal websites and Force news.

4. Tony represented CPA at a Sikh Police Association event and learned about Instagram! More media content on the way to assist branches in presenting a professional front.


1. Chair of Trustees, Mandy Godfree created a Branch Leadership WhatsApp Group and sent out invitations. So far 38 have signed up.

2. 2022 Leader’s Conference Feedback – In case you missed it, for sharing with your decision makers when considering the value of CPA conference attendance: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1abs7pkhvjdofb9/November%202022%20Leader%27s%20Conference%20Feedback%20Final.pdf?dl=0


1. Published in the last week: “Does Government do God?” Government needs to better understand faith, independent review claims – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


1. Rebecca and Paul Pountain from Lancashire, have identified a great venue for the 2024 National Conference. Please pray all goes well.

2. Coronation of King Charles III 6th May 2023: Operation ‘Golden Orb’, where our wider policing colleagues are on duty under the gaze of billions of people across the world. If you are on duty be blessed in Jesus’ name.

So far in 2023 CPA have grown by 125 members. We are growing at a rate of more than one new member a day. Be encouraged. Thank you for all of you do.

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