Why should I join the CPA?
Being a Member/Friend/Community Partner of the CPA is great way of being involved in our Mission and Vision. It allows CPA to communicate with you more and brings greater opportunities for Christian fellowship in the Police Service.
When should I join the CPA?
There is no time like the present! See ‘How to Join’ on our website.
Are there conditions to membership?
Not many really. As a CPA Member you have to be an officer/member of staff or otherwise working with Police (or retired from any of those roles), agree with the declaration of faith on the membership form and support the Mission and Vision of CPA.

As a Friend or Community Partner you need to support the Mission and Vision of CPA.

Being a Community Partner is open to anyone or any organisation (with faith or without) who recognises the value that the CPA brings in supporting the Police service as a whole.

Do I have to attend any meetings?
No, but we encourage members to share in the fellowship that is available at local meetings and National Events.
Do I have to be a Christian to come to the meetings?
No. You are welcome to come and explore, just as any church should welcome you.
What if there is no CPA Branch in my Police Area?
Contact will be maintained through CPA HQ and you will be put in touch with other CPA members in your area and the nearest Branch to where you live.
How much will it cost me?
The CPA is free to join. As we rely entirely on voluntary donations we do welcome gift-aided giving. However, you can give as little or as much as you like.
Is the CPA denominational?
No. The CPA is non-denominational and has members in a wide variety of churches, worshipping in a wide variety of ways. CPA supports unity in diversity where our unity is the acceptance of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
I like to keep my job and my faith separate.
We respect your privacy. However, as we spend a good part of our lives at work, the CPA can help you in your faith should you want to express it in the workplace.
I don’t want to put pressure on anyone in the Police Service.
The CPA has been in existence for over 130 years and throughout that time has sought, not to pressure, but to serve. This follows the example of Christ and also CPA’s founder, Catherine Gurney OBE, whose service included the founding of the Police Convalescent Homes and Orphanages.
I have difficulty talking about my faith.
It doesn’t come easy to many people and the fear of not being able to answer questions is often the root of the problem. The knowledge that there are other Christians in the Police Service to whom you can turn for answers and advice can take away some of that fear. CPA members and staff are a resource to help in such situations.
I don’t feel that I am called to “evangelise” within the Police Service.
The CPA make no demands on you to do this. Not all Christians have the same gifts and evangelism is one specific gift mentioned in the New Testament. However, all Christians are called to be witnesses to the message, truth and hope of the Gospel. The CPA gives you the opportunity to do that.
I get all that I need from my church.
As part of the Christian family we have many brothers and sisters. The CPA is able to link Christians in the Police Service and local churches. Churches can become Community Partners of the CPA to support our work. Through communication via various media we can offer support and specific, effectual prayer for one another. The Christian faith is such that we should show an interest in the spiritual welfare of those with whom we work.
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So please do Join Us!