Hays Travel Offer!

09 Aug 2023


I am a full time GMP Police Staff Supervisor and also a member of CPA.

My wife, who works for Hays Travel, has agreed to offer blue lights discount off holidays booked via her (with protection under the Hays Travel brand). Hays Travel doesn’t offer this service, however Sal uses her commission to discount holidays for GMP Colleagues – she has arranged some amazing holidays for some of my GMP Colleagues.

Sal is contactable via email, business what’s app and Facebook.

Sal is a Cruise, America, Disabled Holidays and most European location specialist. She has over 20 plus years in the travel industry.

The beauty of booking via Sal is she looks after the customer from start to end and you have the added protection of a large high street travel company.

I have enclosed her business card details and also some reviews.

After the pandemic it has highlighted just what it means to book with a travel agent should something go wrong.

Thanks in advance

Chris Jones

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