More and more CPA Leaders are using Right Now Media!

18 Aug 2023

More and more CPA Leaders are discovering they have access to this incredible library of Christian Wisdom that teaches and revitalises. 57 of you are now actively using the Right Now Media Library!  If you remember in June, we did a survey after 12 months of access and you said you would like to keep it. So, we renewed it for another 12 months! See – we listen to you! You said and we did. 😊

But, don’t listen to me. I’m already sold on RNM. What do your fellow CPA Leaders think?

Nick Bottle, CPA South East Regional Co-ordinator and busy operational Sergeant couldn’t wait to tell me how much he is enjoying the Romans Series of Videos by J D Greear. He is using them as his daily Bible study, with an average of 13 minutes per teaching. I’ve started listening and this is solid teaching. It’s about sharing the Gospel and the setting is Rome!

Graham Norman Vice Chair of Trustees and busy operational Inspector in the Met, downloads the bite sized portions of Scripture teaching and listens to them when he gets a few minutes to breathe.

Don’t be limited! You can be creative with your usage. Right Now Media are just glad you visit them. Watch them yourself, with your family, do a study with your Church group, let your kids watch some great uplifting content. Or, why not have a monthly online meeting and share the Gospel with your Branch? Or, learn how to manage your time better, or find ways to tackle stress, or, or, or…. It’s all in there. You choose.

Right Now Media is like having an amazing Encyclopaedia full of faith based advice and training. You can open it whenever you wish and download the study guides for free! We all know at some point we have had great books lying around with bookmarks in – we love to read them, and we know we will be better for doing it – but the book doesn’t always get to the top of your priority list or even off the coffee table. Just click the button on your favourite device and hear the content how you want, when you want. You can download the content to listen on the go. So you can be enriched by the Gospel even when there is no Wifi. In a tunnel or on the top of a mountain, you can have the Gospel beautifully unwrapped and feeding your soul. All it costs is a few minutes.

We just want CPA membership to be a blessing to you and your Branch. We would like nothing better than to Support, Encourage and Empower you to live out your faith and bring your whole self to work; recharged and ready to give your best. If you are going to veg out with short videos, do it with RNM. You will learn something and feel good. Simple!

I’ve resent all of the invitations that haven’t been activated yet. If you can’t find your email or don’t want to click to another page, just click here and start your journey –

If you would like to create a slide like the one above customised for your Branch, to attract your friends to a meeting with top-notch content and no other preparation required then just click here: RNM G

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