NPCC Strategic Objectives 2021-2025

20 Mar 2023

How can CPA help with these Objectives?


1. Provide collective operational coordination and delivery on critical areas of business and emerging threats on behalf of the service.

2. Ensure the views of the service are represented throughout decision making and governance structures, shaping future investment, service delivery and performance management.


3. Develop multi-agency partnerships to mitigate circumstances which lead to crime and criminality, whilst developing a whole systems approach to policing, partnership and criminal justice to safeguard communities. “The NPCC collaborates to generate maximum benefit to policing and the public, helping make communities safer and stronger.”

4. Collaborate with partners to deliver transformative innovation and new technologies that improve all aspects of policing.


5. Enable police forces and partners to shape and access important national information and initiatives that help to protect local communities.

6. Communicate the collective professional expertise, views and actions of UK police chief officers to the public, government and stakeholders.
The NPCC aims to be the transparent and trusted voice of chief officers to the public, government and stakeholders.

It appears to us here in CPA that the emerging issues facing police officers are wellbeing, reputation and retention. CPA have a great opportunity to be great allies to their members and colleagues, and to mobilise the church communities to stand prayerfully in the gap.

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