Opportunity to Impact the Police Service

03 Jan 2024

We have a great but short window of opportunity. National Police Chief’s Council and College of Policing have agreed to allow CPA to have a published booklet. Similar to the polished informative booklets that National Association of Muslim Police and Jewish Police Association have produced. Our deadline is the end of this month.

Draft CPA Booklet – view here and propose content

NAMP Booklet – view here for reference

JPA Booklet – view here for reference

This will be a little like an ‘Accessibility Passport’ for you and all of your Christian Colleagues around the country, as all of the arguments will already being settled – and when you move department or get a new boss/ manager. You don’t have to go through all of the nuances of holidays, issues around shared prayer spaces or considerations around blasphemy/ unprofessional language. This is not an exhaustive list.

I have created the template and proposed the Sabbath section as food for thought. We have had a number of questions from supervisors regarding Seventh Day Adventists and Sabbath working – so I’ve addressed it here.

I’m prepared to complete and submit the book – however I’m aware I don’t know every problem encountered in the workplace, that a booklet would help overcome. Plus we want each and every one of you to bring your whole selves to work. So here is the challenge.

You can either offer to complete a section – or you can send me a block of text to go into a section. Sound ok? Can you get it to me by end of play FRIDAY 26th JANUARY.

Go for it – you could improve your workplace and the workplace for untold numbers of your colleagues.

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